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This was also the case a couple of times on the Gribskov railway, where many Jews got off in Pårup, the stop before Gilleleje. The evening of Tuesday, 5 October, several hundred refugees travelled from Copenhagen by the Nordbanen and Gribskov railway via Hillerød.

The train departed from the Copenhagen Central Station at 17:19 and was to arrive in Gilleleje at 19:36. Extra cars were coupled to the train in Hillerød, which carried 314 passengers. They sat or stood so tightly packed that they could barely move. The dim electric light cast an eerie glow over them, and rain poured down the windows.
When they arrived at Gilleleje Station, they were picked up and hidden until they could travel to Sweden.

There were Jews hidden in summer cottages in Gilleleje, in shops and garages, in lofts, shipyards, the waterworks and the brewery, at Søborggaard, Saksegård and many other places inland.
Esbønderup Hospital was also used as a hiding place.