4. english version - Tage Jacobsen's Draper shop in Østergade

Mitsvah - Ethical and moral command (duty)

Listen to the audioguide: "Now this is getting serious"

D. Kublitz was a Jewish wholesale merchant living in Copenhagen. He had been on holiday in Gilleleje, where he had noticed an anti-Nazi display in the window of Tage Jacobsen’s shop:

"On 28 September, trucks full of Gestapo officers were seen in Copenhagen, and we thought:
now this is getting serious. The next morning we packed a suitcase with a few children’s clothes – our children were just 1 and 4 years old – and headed to the Central Station. We ended up going to Gilleleje to see whether Tage Jacobsen could help us get across to Sweden. We talked for a while, and suddenly Mrs. Clausen said to her husband: Niels, you have often said that you would try to help people in need. Now you have an opportunity to show that you can help. He said “Yes – I’ll try."