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The same night in which the refugees from the Church loft were captured, nearly as many people were hidden in another loft less than 100 metres away.
But they were luckier: the Gestapo did not find them, although the risk of being found was very high.
This hiding place was the hayloft above the stables of haulier Kaj Olsen in Østergade between Lille Strandstræde and Store Strandstræde and comprises three wings in a U shape around the garden. During the war, there were horses in the stables, and some of the refugees said that they were kicking. Access to the hayloft, which was 8 by 5 metres, was via a narrow, steep ladder.
The refugees here were among the unlucky ones who did not make it onboard when the M.A. Flyvbjerg left for Sweden on Wednesday afternoon. They first hid at the house of A. Christian Petersen, the head of the parish council, whose house was on Havnevej across from Stejlepladsen.
They ate and stayed a few hours in A. Christian Petersen’s living room, but this hiding place was too risky, and they were led further along the little alley to Olsen’s stables. They stayed there for 24 hours, and this was not very comfortable. It was somewhat warm above the horses, but they could not leave the hayloft except a few very briefly to relieve themselves. They had to whisper and got chaff all over their clothes and hair. A tall, slightly stout man remained in a good mood and tried to keep everyone’s spirits up.